Gallium Whole Body - Imported

  • Preparation for the scan is required. Please contact our practice.

Gallium uptake is non-specific and is observed at sites of chronic infection, inflammation and in many tumours. Imaging generally takes place 48 hours after Gallium administration and may be repeated on subsequent days. Unfortunately, some Gallium is excreted by the colon and this renders uptake observed in the bowel difficult to interpret. 

Used to diagnose:

Suspected infection Tumours Hodgkin's or Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma PUO Clinical suspicion of focal infection but with no localising sign Differential diagnosis of osteomyelitis Loosening of joint prostheses Chest infections Abscess localisation Patients with HIV suspected of having PCP Kaposi's sarcoma Non-specific tumours

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How to book

Patients will need to be referred to Nuclear Med by a referring doctor. Patients must select the specific scan/study required by their referring doctor and book an appointment at the most convenient location.


  • Medical aid authorisation (referring doctor to provide patient with specific ICD 10 code for medical aid authorisation)
  • Referring doctor’s name and practice number
  • Newly diagnosed oncology patients may need to register for oncology (referring doctor to facilitate registration)