Thyroid Technetium

  • Preparation for scan is required. Please contact our practice. 

Demonstrates the size and position of the Thyroid gland and also the distribution of function within it. The patient must normally stop all thyroid medication (such as thyroxine) for two weeks before a scan. Imaging is normally performed about 15 minutes after administration of the radiopharmaceutical. Radionuclide uptake can also be measured to give an indication of overall function, however biochemical tests give a better measure of thyroid status.

The function and morphology of the thyroid gland is used to determine whether the Thyroid gland over active, under active, or enlarged.

Used to diagnose:

Solitary nodules Setrosternal extension etc.


Injection time: 3 mins
Waiting time before scan: 15 mins
Scan duration: 30 mins

Child (0 - 4 years old):

Injection time: 30 mins (Drip)
Waiting time before scan: Wait for sedation to take effect then inject isotope
Scan duration: 30 mins

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How to book

Patients will need to be referred to Nuclear Med by a referring doctor. Patients must select the specific scan/study required by their referring doctor and book an appointment at the most convenient location.


  • Medical aid authorisation (referring doctor to provide patient with specific ICD 10 code for medical aid authorisation)
  • Referring doctor’s name and practice number
  • Newly diagnosed oncology patients may need to register for oncology (referring doctor to facilitate registration)